Jazz Music- A Little History of its Promotion

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Ten years later Jazz music became so popular that it was reinvented into a fashion that might be acceptable for dancing and radio. This style was known as“Swing” which enabled musicians to improvise their own personal interpretation of the tune or style that was sometimes tough to do. At the Swing era Jazz bands climbed to a substantial size that was frequently noted as”Big Band” songs that would constantly feature a soloist.


Each musician learned in the style of different musicians as a way to form their own. To Illustrate, Taxi Calloway, Dizzy Gillespie, Bing Crosby were influenced by the improvising of Louis Armstrong. Afterwards, the vocalists Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and Sarah Vaughn joined the scene using Jazz Improvisation known as the scat. To Scat is to vocally imitate devices using such non verbal speech as doot’n doo bee yah bah loo bey doo ee ya boy put bah doo doot’n doo yah doo doy.

Although, thing were starting to seek out for Jazz Music when the introduction of the record player or phonograph was designed to play jazz books. Additionally, radio stations like advertising agency helped promote Jazz music, and made it favored among the people.

Jazz Music became a music of class that earned the era a nick name called the”Jazz age”.

The band leaders that became famous as Jazz musicians were Paul Whiteman, Ted Lewis, Harry Reser, Leo Reisman, Abe Lyman, Nat Shilkret, Earl Burnett, Ben Bernie, George Olson, Bob Haring, Vincent Lopez, Ben Salvin and a good many more. Paul Whiteman said to be the king of Jazz music as a result of his popularity. He earned the title when he hired some white Jazz musicians with Bix Beiderbecke included to combine jazz with larger orchestrations.

Before now of the 1940’s Jazz music evolved yet again into a new style called”Jump Music” that was upbeat music with blues chords performed by small music groups. These little music classes are the forms many rings make currently. Later, another style of Jazz music came using the music of the 1930’s as a inspiration referred to as”Boogie-Woogie” at which the typical 4 beat bar section expanded into a eight conquer bar section in the rhythm which Big Joe Turner took the lead from the 1940’s.