Music For the Earth and For the Space

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Music on Earth had been long celebrated and loved; through all its terms of promoting happy emotions, to very intense ones, music is widely used for all sorts of events to declare a mood and stimulate a vibe for everyone.
Through soundwaves constantly present on Earth, music is easily being made and heard by musicians and music enthusiasts, but have we ever wondered, how people in space enjoy music as well?

Traveling Rhythms

It was reported that the first-ever music played on space were through small bells carried by American Astronauts and through a harmonica called “Little Lady”. After some time through innovation that they were able to play music through music tape cassettes. Over time, musical instruments were also brought to space stations to be played but not before being tested with gaseous emittance that may cause problems in a very confined space, such as the stated stations like guitars.

Genres of music such as jazz, the blues, and pop have already traveled through outer space bringing the most comfort to our astronauts, providing them with a homelike feeling that they surely miss when out on Earth.
Space sites such as seeplutonow clearly depict the space and life in it, where music surely is needed for a constant reminder of the Earth and how living in it can be so much more than the widely unknown one on space. As the music in space is continuously harvested and progressed to be used more conveniently, people on Earth surely do the same with all the evolution in music and its genre is becoming.

Music is very flexible and is constantly changing adapting to generations and different types of people, that is why it is not a wonder how music can also be freely tweaked to adapt to its nature as well, from Earth to space, music is a celebration of life through rhythms and beats made for everyone.