Rediscovering Jazz Music In Movies

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Jazz music has made a great influence in the African-American communities. It had been said that the music had been used as a form of communication towards a common goal of liberation. Many movies have been accounted for the love of music like Bird (1988), Cabin In The Sky (1943, and others. The most recent is Keep on Keepin’ On and Whiplash in 2014. You can watch these full movies for free, check out the link:


Trumpeter Clark Terry had been such a powerful and legendary player so it could have been an easy task to organize a biopic considering only his music. Keep On Keepin’ On, provides a far more personal summary of just what made Terry so unique. Rather than surveying his heritage along recognized storylines, Hicks concentrates on the attractive friendship of Terry and Justin Kauflin, a significantly younger pianist. Terry took him in and invested hours and hours teaching the young lad. While offering an adequate display of Terry’s skilled heritage, Keepin’ additionally undoubtedly highlights what he delivered to this life on a personalized level, and also acts as a beautiful, silent memento of the strength of a very simple human interconnection.


While many jazz idealists (and music artists on the whole) took intense concern with the means Whiplash shows certain groups of the music arena, there is no doubt that it is one of the latest movies for making any type of effort to get within the music industry. It is likewise eminently well performed, as proved by the Oscar’s Best Supporting Actor award that J.K. Simmons brought home. And it’s received an excellent soundtrack on top of that. Moira MacDonald published at the Seattle Times, “The movie works, generally incredibly, as a marvelous creation of jazz music — you are feeling it and breathing it, just as the music artists — and as a display for the two actors at its center.”