Why Bands And Solo Musicians Need A Business Card

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I am to take part with Riff Taff Music Networking who placed free media nights for musicians to join in. Last year’s media nights brought together people from various arena. Radio presenters, PR people, videographers, graphic artists, and record label owners were there. In fact, an entire slew of men and women merged in one eventful night. It had been a successful event.
I had been looking through several business cards NYC I received at Riff Taff events. Once we plan our second, it dons on me how crucial they are. They ought to be redundant immaterial if you were to think of this. But they are not. For these three reasons, business cards are crucial:

Personal connection

Facebook and social media as a whole is excellent. It serves a purpose. It enables you to reach hundreds and even thousands of people through good promotion. But, it will not change the personal connection you make with someone you meet face to face. The next time you meet with someone, you can get their Facebook page, do a little conversation, then give them a card. They’ll remember meeting you each time see your card. This is a unique connection.

Brand Promotion

Your business card is an excellent chance to promote your the name of your band or being a solo musician. Branding is about developing a personality. The logo, color palette of tag-line and so on allows other people to get to know you in a few minutes.


You only have a few good minutes to create a good impression. After having a gig at a media night, it’s easy for people to lose attention in you. Or for them to divert their attention to others. Thus, you need to grab that 5 minutes to appear professional and get straight to the point. A Business Card and the way you portray yourself can describe your group in a few good minutes.
A few words of advice for bands and musicians who are beginning their journey towards stardom. Get a good business card that has all your details. Go straight to the point. No need for fancy descriptions. All people need is a little tagline that describes you in the shortest phrase possible and the best way to contact your group.

Why Business Cards Are Important?