The Commonalities of Jazz and Social Media

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Social media is like jazz? If you hear it for the first time, you might ask “really?”, “how come?” Well, the answer to that is because no matter what happens, there’s always the grounding. For long hours of jazz performances and shows, the grounding is the rhythm. For us, it’s that daily schedule of a certain number of tweets or posts in Instagram, for example, so as to gain a lot of followers through private instagram viewer.

Now going back to the grounding. For you to further understand, this grounding also means that, if we get too busy, we don’t have to worry about our Twitter feed going quiet.And because of this grounding, we’re free to improvise. We can tweet about new things, strange things, funny things, or whatever else takes our fancy.

I have been listening to a lot of jazz lately in my spare time to help me become more creative. The smooth grooves prompted me to learn more about these wonderful musical icons. I discovered some amazing quotes that helped me understand a little bit about these famous Jazz musicians. There are 3 very popular jazz slogans that really help you understand social media.

  1. You can play a shoe string note if you are sincere – John Coltrane .When it comes to social media you have to be authentic, sincere and very genuine. Due to social transparency you cannot afford to be anything else. One must nurture relationships and conversations.
  2. When you hit the wrong note, its next note that makes it good or bad – Miles Davis. When it comes to protecting your brand image its important to take ownership and fix any client problems. Social media wont go away and really is transparent. Let everyone watch you take accountability and learn from your mistakes.
  3. The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen – Duke Ellington- Lets face it, a brand that listens to its audience is a socially successful entity. Its all about listening before you engage or listen. Social listening is one of the key elements of elevating your brand and authority on a social platform.