Facts about jazz

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Jazz music originated around 1900 in the southern United States and is the opposite of traditional European music. Melody, harmony and also the choice of instruments correspond to the European criteria. Wind instruments, piano, guitar, double bass and cymbals are used for jazz music.

All about jazz

Characteristic jazz features are call and response, which can be traced back to African music cultures. The blue notes used in blues can also be found in jazz music. Special intonations, phrasing and also the offbeat are available in this music genre.

Origin and subcategories

Gospel, blues and ragtime formed the prehistory of jazz music. New Orleans Jazz or Dixieland Jazz, Chicago Jazz, Swing, Bebop Cool Jazz or West Coast Jazz, Hard Bop or East Coast Jazz, Free Jazz and Fusion / Rock Jazz are developed since the 1960s.

Other categories are Latin Jazz and Modal Jazz.

Development of styles

If you turn the time wheel back further, you will find New Orleans Jazz from 1909. It spread to Chigago, Illinois and New York. Battles emerged and evolved over three main streams over time: The Chicago Style, West Coast Revival and New Orleans Traditional.

Categories of Jazz

Chicago jazz. Representatives of Chicago Jazz imitated Dixieland Jazz from 1919 onwards, but were unable to reproduce the complex constructions

Swing. The swing emerged from 1926 as the most popular style.

Bebop. Bebop emerged in 1940 and laid the foundation for modern jazz. Rhythmic peculiarities for drums and bass, brisk tempos and solo improvisations were characteristic of this direction.

Free jazz. Free jazz left scope for free improvisation and emerged from the late 1950s.

Jazz music in the present

If you consider the numerous, historical jazz categories and their development, a cut in the present makes sense. Today’s subcategories are Modern Creative, World Jazz or Ethno Jazz, Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz, Pop-Jazz and Jazz-Rap.

The jazz standard is a chord progression formed by melodies, which, similar to blues music, ensures quick communication between the musicians. This enables improvisations on stage without rehearsing beforehand.

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